Thank you for signing up with Expert Credit Sweeps on the Learn, Prepare, Prevent Program! (via Vargas Consulting on Gumroad). 

This email contains VERY important information and you'll want to read it entirely. 


Please whitelist/add to your contact list my email address so that you do not miss any emails:


1. There are 2 parts to the sign up: 



You will find both on the sign up page here. If you ONLY do the payment, I cannot do your credit sweep. Please note that the sign up page does stipulate on the instructions page as well as the page with the payment link and contract order form this same information. 


*Fill out the order form and it will be emailed to you. Contract contains 5 pages and all 5 must be filled out: 

  • 1 consumer disclosure signature
  • 1 contract signature
  • 1 personal info page
  • 1 IdentityIQ page containing the link to sign up for only $21.99
  • 1 identification upload page: ID, SSN and proof of address. ID is NOT acceptable as proof of address. Proof of address must be a bill of some sort - utility, cell phone, insurance, bank, paystub, taxes, voters registration, etc. 


*shows the 2/3 items on the sign up page that are required. The social proof section is NOT required


Due to the value of this program, the fact that I am 1 person and everything that I do for you vs. what you actually pay, I offer a self-service portal if you find yourself with questions. I offer a full client portal as well as help videos and a full knowledge base that will answer any program question that you have. I do this to continue offering my services at such a discount to my clients. 

You will find support in 2 other places: 

Support Ticket (because of what I listed above, I cannot guarantee a response to all tickets due to clients trying to take advantage of me and my generousity). Submit a ticket and I will get back to you if I can.

If I request that you send me something of you and you are replying, simply reply directly to the email or ticket that I sent it from.

Premium Guaranteed Support @ $15/m (choose the Credit Project Answers tier):


Most responses will not come to you. I will access via the new credit bureau software. If you do not receive anything from them or do not receive it every round, do not fret. It's because I access all updates on this software and the credit monitoring that I'm able to provide an all-done-for-you program instead of you having to work yourself.

Please DO NOT: 

  • Do not send any communication through Gumroad
  • Do not send any communication through - that is ONLY for sending you the membership bonus materials 
  • Do not order your own credit reports on IdentityIQ. Doing so is a violation of the TOS and only hurts you and your timeframe and results


  • This is a 9-month program and all client files are different. Please understand that when I say 9 months, it means 9 months. Not 3, not 6; it means 9 months. Credit-wise, this is the fastest program out there, it's simply that I'm honest about it. 
  • You should not expect anything to happen within the 1st 3 rounds. This is a time for laying the foundation for your disputes and making sure that the bureaus are investigating, not ignoring you, etc. 
  • The most difficult items to remove are: foreclosures, credit cards, bankruptcies, student loans, repos and the like. Banking-related take an average of 6 rounds for removal; student loans and bk's take an avg of 8 months IF they can be removed
  • I charge only $1251 for this program and allow monthly payments even though services are rendered within a few days. If I were to charge for all the time I put in, you would be paying just under $6200 @$175/hr. I'm here to help my clients, not hurt and part of this is being fair and generous with my pricing and what I offer. 
  • You signed up on a non-refundable program. You are welcome to cancel with at least 15 days notice prior to the next billing (payment) by logging into your Gumroad account ONLY if this notice was provided to me. (No disrespect intended, but I extend credit to people that cannot obtain credit anywhere else because they don't pay their bills, on top of rendering a service that no one else provides). Because of this: NO chargeback will be tolerated and if you would like to see the full legal consequences, read your contract here
  • The ONLY reason clients cancel is because of impatience and inability to pay. I can guarantee you that there is literally no other company that provides and offers what I do after already showing full free tutorials online (free should-be-content and program) - find one and I'll personally pay for your sweep - so the little that I do ask of you should be no problem. Give me patience and I'll give you a new life. 

That's it. 

Once you submit your contract, you will automatically start receiving emails on how it works, process, etc. You will not receive these emails until you submit it in full.