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3-Step Sign Up

You will find all of the steps on this page as well as the checklist to ensure that you've completed it

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Complete the 5-page digital contract ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

That's it! I start your file 

Complete Payment​​​​​​​

Use the checklist to ensure you've completed the full sign up 

(Optional) Pre-Qual form

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Order the Contract

You MUST fill out this form to order the contract. You MUST complete all 5 pages of the contract to be redirected to the payment page. After you click on "sign up", you will receive the digital contract via email. All 5 pages must be filled out and include: 

- 2 signature pages

- 1 personal info page

- 1 IdentityIQ sign up page

- 1 identification upload page

Pre-Qual & Payment

Please make sure to submit your pre-qual app so that I can ensure that I am choosing the right client for my program. If you score o>16, that is acceptable for sign up

Contract Order & Submission

I had to go as far as creating a sign up video because clients were skipping all together or only doing the 1st 2 pages of the contract. PLEASE make sure that you get this to me the day you sign up or I can't do anything until you do

Payment & Whitelist my email

Completed contract will redirect to the payment page. You will also receive an email with the payment link. Unless you want to miss my emails, the VERY 1ST thing that you want to do is add to your contact or safe list


If I am missing something, you will receive an EMAIL from me letting you know so please make sure to check your email 1x per day. You will begin to receive emails once you submit your contract into my system. Please understand that I do NOT offer call support (see the pre-qual app) and support is self-service and can be found on the knowledge base via a link you will receive in your email. Please ONLY use the support ticket system with urgent matters because all information is already provided via the emails, portals, updates, videos and knowledge base.  

That's it! Check the list here to make sure you've submitted everything 

1) How do I access the payment link?

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Once you fill out the entire 5-page contract you will be redirected to the payment page AND it will be emailed to you 

Frequently ask Questions

2) Do you offer refunds? *Please don't take offense to this, but I do not run a charity and I am not paying out of pocket for client files

Because of the following factors, I do NOT offer refunds:

1. You receive access to the Learn,  Prepare, Prevent email program immediately

2. Due to value of the program with everything that I do (literally putting in HOURS of  my life unpaid to get you results AND paying all your expenses AND disputing all negative items each round AND all 3 bureaus at the same time using absolutely no templates) 

3. I am allowing monthly payments on a program with a flat fee. This means that by the 9th business days, your file already has a balance between hours rendered + expenses ($875 in hours rendered + $140 in actual fees paid) by the 9th business day and I do not run a charity program. I simply understand that a 1x payment just doesn't work for everyone. 

3) How long does this program last?

9 month duration. This is SHORTER than ALL other program out there; everyone else's is 12 months to 5 years. I'm just straight up about the timing. 

4) What type of communication is offered?

You have the option to choose between 3 tiers:

1. Self-service knowledge base: FREE - literally will answer all qusetions that this program covers. I do also answer as many tickets ( as I can for free

​​​​​​​2. Guaranteed Answers tier: $15/m - if you find that you would like answers to questions that are NOT covered by this program, (things that are not in the knowledge base) or to ensure that you receive an answer to your question, you can sign up for this tier at

3. Email, live chat, consulting advice: $49/m - please request a payment link